Optimizing volunteers' needs and map information for large-scale trails: how Qoezion supported the Volvic Volcanic eXperience.

497km of trail running.
3 500runners.

The Volvic Volcanic eXperience (VVX), both a sporting and cultural event, takes place every year in May, during the Ascension holiday weekend, in the town of Volvic, central France. The VVX is the first carbon neutral event certified by Carbon Trust.

The first day, runners and visitors take part in sports activities (6 trail races from 15 to 224km, 3 hikes from 15 to 100km, 15 free workshops to discover outdoor sports). Then the next day, participants retrace the same route with their families to discover the local heritage (volcanoes, water, stone and gastronomy) through visits and workshops. Shows, festive meals and concerts take place throughout the event.

Optimizing resources with information map.

“Before Qoezion, we used to indicate the location of the activities on a separate map or send points on a plan to help our volunteers to find their way. Now, we can manage everything with the same solution thanks to Qoezion’s information map." explains Christophe Gay, volunteer coordinator of the Volvic Volcanic eXperience.

With Qoezion’s information map, the VVX organizers are able to create their points of interest on the map (checkpoints, medical stations, sectors) and link them to different activities and services (catering, guiding…).

"Now, we can manage everything with the same solution thanks to Qoezion’s information map."

Easy communication.

Organizers and volunteers used to communicate using a contact list sheet. With Qoezion, the VVX can now send messages faster and easier thanks to the integrated messaging service.

An effective time saver.

The VVX used to manage their volunteer program using Excel spreadsheets, and a heavy analysis was needed to build the schedule. With Qoezion, volunteer management has become easier and more efficient.

"Qoezion will allow us to be more efficient and to identify the different trips made by our volunteers, so that we can estimate our carbon footprint even more accurately."

Christophe Gay
Volunteer coordinator of the Volvic Volcanic eXperience.

The Qoezion team placed its expertise at the VVX’s service to help them get the most out of the tool. This support included training on different features of the solution (planning, information map, catering, materials...).

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