Cultural events

Get the show on the road.

Managing your volunteers/staff doesn’t have to be so time-consuming! Start planning, managing, and coordinating your volunteer/staff program with Qoezion.

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Simple, fast, manage your team in record time!

Stop struggling with excel files! Qoezion allows you to create your activities and shifts in a few clicks, define your planning rules, and save time thanks to auto assignment.

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More than volunteers/staff, a community.

How to stay in contact with volunteers/staff and keep them engaged between my events? What are their profiles?
Now these questions have an answer: Qoezion, the tool that helps you to build your community, event after event. No matter the status of your organization, you will be able to communicate with your volunteers/staff on a regular basis, access their profiles, and obtain real-time statistics.

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"Qoezion also makes management during the event easier, with a quick visibility of the teams."

Solène Sénéclauze
Production manager at the Aluna Festival

Connecting solutions.

Thanks to our many partners, get Qoezion connected directly with your solutions for cashless, accreditation, digital health pass…

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Cutting down on waste.

Have had enough of throwing food away or keeping an old stock of t-shirts?

Let our material and catering management features do all the work for you and get rid of this problem! Cost estimations, order forecasts, distribution lists, everything is calculated to reduce waste and expenses.

Less repetitions.

Event after event, year after year, configure all the information needed to manage your volunteer/staff program only once (application form, activities, shifts, material items…).

Save valuable time by duplicating events.

Working together to overcome challenges.

Our team places at your service its wide experience in organizing major cultural and sports events and can advise you on many subjects: organization, support, training.

It’s your turn, join the many events that already rely on Qoezion!

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