Introduction to the privacy policy

Who are we?

Qoezion is a digital service that allows organizers to recruit and coordinate teammates (volunteers or staff) who contribute to the success of all types of events (sports, culture, charity, professional, etc.).

Qoezion aims to make life easier for both organizers and teammates by offering simple, intuitive and secure tools designed to help everyone to save as much time as possible, so that they can fully dedicate themselves to their events.

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Privacy policy

This privacy policy brings together information on the processing of personal data carried out within the Qoezion platform. It aims to provide you with useful information to understand how your data are processed and how you can exercise your rights.

Our company quick·off is attentive to the protection of personal data and is committed to processing your data in compliance with the laws and with the necessary transparency.

Therefore, we may have to modify, complete or update this document in order to comply with regulatory requirements.

If you have any question about this policy, you can contact us through the following form:


Editor: the company quick·off is the editor of the digital service Qoezion.

Qoezion: digital service to recruit and manage staff and volunteers designed for event organizers.

The Organizer: the entity that has subscribed to the editor’s services for the organization of its events.

The User: The person using Qoezion whether he or she is a volunteer, a staff member or an event organizer.

Collected data

What data are collected?

Within the framework of the use of Qoezion’s services, the editor collects personal data concerning its users.

The categories of collected data are the following:

  • Identification data (in particular: first and last names, birth date, profile photo)
  • Contact data (email address, phone number)
  • Use data (specially visited web pages, technical traces)

The next paragraphs detail the use of these data.

User account

When you create a new user account on Qoezion, we collect:

  • First and last names
  • Phone number (optional, used for SMS notifications. You can disable SMS notifications from your user profile settings)
  • Birth date (to make sure that you have the minimum age to access the service, and to apply to some events)
  • Email (used for email notifications, to allow you to reset your password in case you forget it, and to allow you to receive the newsletter if you want)

The Qoezion account allows you to:

  • Apply to events, access the teammate space of the events you participate in, contact organizers
  • Create and manage your own events and organizations

Qoezion profile

With your Qoezion account, you can also add to your profile page:

  • A profile photo
  • A description of your experience in events

The Qoezion profile page lists the different events you have participated in. It is visible to the organizers of the events you are applying to.

Data related to events and organizers

When you apply to an event, you may be asked to provide additional personal data that the organizer needs in order to organize that event.

These data are shared with the organizer of that specific event. They are not shared with other organizers of Qoezion, nor with the editor.

The organizer is accountable for the nature and use of the personal data collected via his or her application form. If you have any requests regarding the use and processing of data collected in the context of an event, you can contact the organizer directly using the messaging service provided by Qoezion.

Measurement of web statistics

In accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL (French data protection authority) dated March 2021, and in order to make your experience as pleasant as possible, we have chosen not to use third-party trackers. Qoezion thus relies on the self-hosted solution of statistical analysis without cookies and without nominal data: Matomo.

The analysis of these traces allows us to adjust the platform in order to make it more pleasant and more efficient.

Technical traces

You can activate the collection of technical traces. These technical traces allow us to detect possible malfunctions and help us to solve them more quickly.

These data are processed with the Sentry solution. In addition to technical information (type and version of operating system and browser, type of device - computer, smartphone, tablet ...), the technical traces are also linked to your Qoezion user ID and your email address. The IP address collected is systematically anonymized and does not allow to precisely locate or identify a physical person.

Who will have access to your data?

The personal data collected are only intended for the editor, quick·off, and for the sole purpose of performing the digital services provided by Qoezion. Under no circumstances will these data be sold or rented to third parties.

Where are the data hosted?

The data are hosted in the AWS Europe (Paris) data center, in France.

Records of processing activities

In accordance with article 30 of GDPR, quick·off keeps records of processing activities describing the processing activities carried out as a data controller.

This register is made available to the supervisory authorities upon request.

Data security

Measures implemented to secure your data

quick·off implements adapted technical and organizational measures that comply with the regulations in force to protect personal data.

Access to these data is strictly limited to authorized people bound by an obligation of confidentiality.

An IT charter, attached to quick·off's internal regulations, aims to ensure appropriate internal security.

Independent security audits are carried out to verify that the measures implemented to guarantee the security of data are effective.

Duration of data storage

Data related to a user profile are stored as long as the profile is active.

Qoezion automatically deletes accounts after 3 years of inactivity. The user is then notified by email and can reactivate his or her account and thus postpone the date of automatic deletion.

Users can delete their account at any time, directly in the Qoezion platform.

The deletion of the Qoezion account does not mean that the data shared with event organizers will be automatically deleted: it is the user’s responsibility to also request the deletion of his/her personal data from these organizers.

Personal rights


The editor is responsible for the data regarding the activity of a user on the platform, as long as this activity is not directly related to an event the user applied to.

In the context of an event (application form, teammate space, messaging service), unless otherwise indicated, the organizer of this event is responsible for the data.

The data controller must take all necessary measures to ensure that the processing of its users’ personal data complies with regulations, and to secure such data processing. The data controller must ensure that subcontractors operate in compliance with regulations, or may be subject to legal sanctions in case of failure.

Exercising your rights

You have several rights regarding your data that you can exercise by sending a request to the data controller.

  • Right of access and rectification
  • Right of portability
  • Right of objection
  • Right of erasure

The data controller reserves the right to refuse any requests that are clearly abusive, in particular when they are too numerous, repetitive or systematic. This refusal will be motivated in writing.

You can exercise your rights using the following online form:

Or by post to the address below:

For the attention of Jérôme Salvat, DPO
5 boulevard François Mitterrand, 43120 Monistrol/Loire, France

Contact us

You can contact us at any time to request additional information about the protection of your personal data or to make a complaint. We also invite you to send us your suggestions and remarks in order to improve our data protection policy.

To send a request regarding the protection of personal data, you can use the following form:

You can also send a letter to our data protection officer, Mr. Jérôme SALVAT, at the following address:

For the attention of Jérôme Salvat, DPO
5 boulevard François Mitterrand, 43120 Monistrol/Loire, France