Improving volunteer management for music festivals: how Qoezion supported the Aluna Festival.

22,600hof planned volunteer work.

The Ardèche Aluna Festival, more commonly known as Aluna Festival, was created in 2008 in the city of Ruoms, in southeastern France. Since it was created, this musical event has continually grown to become one of the most famous festivals in France.

After its first edition in 2008 with nearly 1500 festival-goers and 50 volunteers, the festival has quickly grown, and in only 3 years it reached 10 000 festival-goers and 150 volunteers. Today, Aluna is one of the biggest festivals in France with 3-day editions welcoming between 55,000 and 65,000 festival-goers and nearly 900 volunteers.

Streamlining processes.

"For the past few years, we have been recruiting more and more volunteers. We could no longer work optimally with our own tools. Today Qoezion allows us to manage our event smoothly, with a better visibility on our needs." This is what Solène Sénéclauze, Production Manager of the Aluna festival, explains to us.

"This tool is a real booster for communication between the organization and the volunteer!"

Facilitating exchanges with volunteers.

"Processes are also more fluid for the volunteers, as the communication via Qoezion is very simple and fast. It allows us to group all the information sent to the volunteers at a single place."

Qoezion provides to each teammate a personal space, where they can have access to all the information of the event. And thanks to its integrated messaging system, communication is much more fluid.

Not starting from scratch.

"Thanks to the duplication of events in Qoezion, we were able to optimize our work time before the event ". Event after event, edition after edition, you have to enter only once all the information needed to manage volunteers on your event (application form, activities, shifts, material items...). Save precious time with the duplication of events.

"Qoezion allows our organization to get to know volunteers better, to share essential information with them and to offer assignments that meet their expectations."

Solène Sénéclauze
Production Manager of the Aluna festival.

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