It’s all about people!

Organizing an event is an incredible adventure, based on sharing and interacting. Bring your teams together around a common project by establishing long-term, trusting relationships.

Interact with your teams.

Share information and documents through qoezion’s integrated messaging service. For greater responsiveness, send text messages (SMS) if the situation calls for it.

Provide a top-quality experience.

On their personal spaces, your volunteers and staff members have access to services that are essential to a successful experience: messages, schedule, catering, information map... This way you will make information flows smoothly and strengthen your teammates’ sense of belonging.

Build your community and keep your teams engaged.

Event after event, create your community in order to promote the commitment of your volunteers and staff, encourage their loyalty and establish long-standing relationships.

"This tool streamlines our work methods and makes it easier to recruit volunteers for our events. Qoezion also allows us to centralize all the information in a single place."

Manon Tanguy
Events and partnerships assistant at the French Canoe-Kayak Federation

It’s your turn, join the many events that already rely on Qoezion!

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