Building and engaging a federal community of volunteers: how Qoezion supported the French Parasports Federation.

16regional committees.
88local committees.
1400affiliated associations.
2500events each year.

Created in 1954, The French Parasports Federation (FFH) carries a message that goes beyond the framework of its primary missions, a model of society, a certain idea of the person.

The FFH's mission is to offer a sports activity adapted to any person with a physical or sensory disability.

A variety of needs.

Build a community of volunteers, organize and engage it while integrating new forces: how to do all that at the Federation level?

The FFH has found in Qoezion the solution to meet the multiple needs of all the people involved in its activities.

The Federation itself:

  • providing a high value-added service to its members,
  • building and engaging the federation's volunteer community,
  • highlighting and recognizing volunteer commitment.

Event organizers:

  • promotion of their events,
  • connection with the community of the Federation,
  • management tool to facilitate recruitment, planning, communication and event management,
  • construction and engagement of a community specific to the organization,
  • data security.


  • visibility of offers, with the list of events looking for volunteers,
  • high quality service with a personal interface where they can find their applications, communication with organizers, schedules, etc.,
  • respect of personal data.

Centralizing information for greater efficiency.

Adrien Balduzzi, representative of the FFH, shares his experience with us:

"Within the French Parasports Federation, recruiting, retaining, and interacting with volunteers was a critical point. We therefore approached quick·off to address several issues.

The first one is the territorial aspect, how to offer to our decentralized structures a decent service that meets our needs (retention/interaction and recruitment).

The second issue is about event management. Just like most associations, we had lots of Excel files, created for events. But we didn't have anything centralized, therefore we used to ask the same questions to all the volunteers at each event, which was an obstacle to volunteers’ commitment.

And finally, the third issue was commitment and retention. How can we talk to our volunteers and get closer to them? And how do we give them all the information needed?

Centralizing information at the Federation level allows us to help the local and regional committees. We have made the connections between our structures easier and at the same time boosted the engagement of our local volunteers.

Qoezion allows us to standardize processes by having a common tool. And if we decided to use Qoezion, it is also for its ergonomics and ease of use."

"Within the French Parasports Federation, recruiting, retaining, and interacting with volunteers was a critical point."

Adrien Balduzzi
FFH Representative.

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