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  • Application form editorCustomize your questions and the graphic style of your form with a simple and powerful interface.
  • Profile field editorCollect all the information you need without complicating the recruitment process: make questions mandatory, display some of them or not according to the previous answers, specify the format of answers…
  • Form distributionA link to your application form is automatically generated, which makes it easy to share it on your own communication media.
  • Data compilationThe answers collected in the application form directly populate your database, with no additional actions required.
  • Application follow-upFilter the applications according to your own criteria and change their status thanks to the bulk update.


  • Timeline overviewFrom a single screen, you can have a quick overview of the planned activities and shifts for each day. Thanks to the color code, get information about assignment status at a glance.
  • Customization of activities and shiftsYou are free to detail your activities and shifts if you wish by adding descriptions, targets and specific parameters, so that your assignments will be more accurate later.
  • Clever toolboxPinning, duplicating activities, overlapping shifts are all simple and practical tools that help you to create your schedule.
  • Automatic planningOnce you have collected the availabilities of the candidates via your application form and created your schedule according to your needs, Qoezion takes care of finding the right teammates to each activity, while avoiding assignment conflicts.
  • Schedule sharingAchieving the perfect schedule at the first try is a miracle. As you can choose when to publish your assignments to your teams, you keep the control of the information distribution. Teammates are able to confirm or not their presence.


  • Material itemsJackets, t-shirts, gifts but also material needed for the exercise of their activities: Qoezion helps you to calculate the right number, the breakdown and the cost of items distributed to volunteers/staff.
  • CateringMeals are a determining factor in the quality of the welcome given to volunteers and staff, but they can also represent a significant cost for the organization. An accurate management of the budget, automatically calculated based on the number of meals planned, will avoid bad surprises.
  • AttendanceChecking attendance is essential to ensure that each team is correctly staffed and allows you to reward the commitment of the volunteers/staff present. Thanks to a simple and efficient sign-in system, have a quick overview of the number of people present/absent and adjust your staff in real time.
  • Information mapUpload your tracks and add to the map the points of interest related to the activities of your volunteers and staff, so that they can be at the right place, at the right moment, by consulting this information from their teammate space.
  • Access right managementManage with precision the access rights and authorizations of each user, whether he or she is an administrator, recruiter, team coordinator, volunteer, staff...


  • Teammate spaceOn their personal space, each of your volunteers/staff will have access to all the information needed to perform their activities (messages, schedule, documents), as well as to general information shared with the entire staff. You will thus reinforce the feeling of belonging by promoting a fluid exchange of information.
  • Automatic messagesSome important actions trigger the automatic sending of an email to the volunteer/staff, as well as a notification in the teammate space (e.g.: changes in the status of the application, schedule updates...).
  • In-app messaging serviceSend a message to a group of volunteers/staff or simply to a specific individual. Each person will be able to consult the messages from his or her teammate space and will be notified of new messages by email.
  • Document sharingWhether you want to share specific documents with your teammates, or they need to provide you with documents, these exchanges take place via the messaging service and are automatically archived. An export is also available.
  • SMS sendingOnce in the operational phase, reactivity is essential to deal with emergency situations. The mass sending of SMS allows organizers to communicate instantly with their teams.

Qoezion, the choice of performance, security and reliability.

  • Personal dataProtection of personal data is very important for us, and we are committed to processing data in compliance with GDPR. For more information, we invite you to consult our privacy policy.
  • SecurityQoezion implements all technical solutions necessary to provide a high level of security, controlled by an independent security audit. For more information on this subject, contact us.
  • User experienceWe place great importance on creating a unique experience for the users of Qoezion - event organizers but also volunteers/staff. Every feature is created for you and with you. To join our user lab, contact us.
  • Performance and reliabilityQoezion is developed by our own team of engineers, highly qualified and experienced in carrying out large-scale web projects. The solution is based on modern and proven technologies, selected for their performance and reliability.
  • MultilingualQoezion is currently available in English, French and Spanish. Other languages are coming soon. Interested in a particular language? Contact us !
  • Available on mobile devicesQoezion offers an optimized interface for mobile access, which represents the majority of uses today. Qoezion can also be installed directly on a smartphone. For more information, please consult our help center.

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